How Big Should Wall Art Be?

The size of your wall can make a huge difference when deciding on the perfect piece of wall art. The size of your artwork should be proportionate to the space where it will be placed. Usually, the answer to the question “how big should wall art be?” will depend on the size of the wall and its surrounding furniture. To help you determine the size of your wall art, try tracing the measurements of your wall on a piece of paper.

To get the best placement of your artwork, measure your walls and figure out how much space they can take up. A good rule of thumb is that you should pick a piece that covers 4 to seven-fifths of the wall space, unless you have an unusually high ceiling. In this case, the piece should be smaller, covering about half as much wall space as a single large piece. To get a rough estimate, measure the width of the wall and multiply it by two or three.

The correct size of wall art depends on the space available on the wall. You should aim to cover at least two-thirds of the blank wall space. The artwork should also sit at eye level, so it’s best to hang it six to twelve inches above the top of the seating area. In addition, you should always consider the height of the piece on the wall. If you’re installing it over the fireplace, the art should be between two and three feet from the mantel.