Ayşegül Kırmızı

12 September – 12 October

In her exhibition “Without Sleep”, Ayşegül Kırmızı depicts the mission of women in the universe, who are imposed various roles throughout human history because of the traditional teachings of society and its system. Using the female figures, the artist expresses the feminine world, which has been a sacred gender since Adam and Eve, wrapped in so many tasks: sexuality for the proliferation of the human race, motherhood, efforts to keep the family together, the fulfilment of modern life requirements and so on.

With soft colours and touches, the artist associates woman’s softness, sentimentality, obstinacy, and childlike and womanlike strengths with a feminine fairy-tale world. In her works – through which single women are portrayed – human and animal relationship is addressed as one of the important aspects of life and humankind, Ayşegül Kırmızı takes nature and animals as an allegorical symbol.